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Best Cold Winter Wedding Dresses to Keep You Warm

cold winter wedding dresses

Winter weddings can be enchanting and magical, but also quite chilly. Brides want to look stunning on their big day while also staying warm. Cold-weather wedding dresses offer both style and comfort and come in a range of styles and materials to suit any taste. From plush fur capes and wraps to long-sleeved gowns and heavy, luxurious fabrics, there’s something for everyone. Keep reading for the best cold winter wedding dresses to keep you warm on your big day.

Dress with an A-line silhouette

Winter wedding gowns with an a-line silhouette are a timeless option. They have a wide skirt that extends outward from the waist and a fitted top. Any body type can benefit from this attractive shape, which looks fantastic in light fabrics like chiffon or silk.

Additionally, it’s ideal for layering with warm clothing like a faux fur coat or fur stole. Since the hemline is usually floor-length, it can look wonderful with boots for a stylish winter outfit. Choose an A-line gown with an embellished bodice and long lace sleeves for a more traditional winter wedding dress.

Consider wearing an A-line dress with a tulle petticoat for added volume if you’re looking for something a little more playful and flirtatious. Heavy fabrics like velvet, wool crepe, corded lace, satin faille, and brocade are frequently used for winter weddings.

These alternatives are lovely since they offer warmth without sacrificing design. Consider adding textured accents to your winter wedding dress ensemble with long gloves or feather-trimmed shawls.

Last but not least, don’t overlook the veil. Long lace veils can offer drama, while little birdcage veils exude an edge. Regardless of the design of your winter wedding dress, make sure it is cozy and accurately captures your taste.

A gown

A traditional style for a chilly winter wedding dress is the ballgown. On your special day, you’ll feel like a princess thanks to the broad skirt and voluminous silhouette of the ball gown, which create an extraordinarily romantic and graceful appearance.

Choose one made of a thicker material, like velvet or taffeta, to keep you warm during your winter events. For added warmth, wear long sleeves, fur, or imitation fur wraps, and layer with a coat. A ball gown may create a gorgeous winter wedding look with the appropriate accessories.

Choose a deep jewel tone like navy blue, dark green, emerald, or burgundy; these hues pop against the chilly background of a winter scene covered in snow.

Adding texture to your chilly winter wedding dress is another method to remain warm; textured materials like lace and tulle may provide depth and character without sacrificing warmth.

Not to mention, remember to layer! Your winter wedding dress can be covered with sheer capes or shawls to keep you warm without taking away from the rest of your outfit.

It’s crucial to find cold winter wedding dresses that are made to fit your body type, whether you opt for a traditional gown or something more contemporary, so you’ll look stunning while remaining warm!

Sheath attire

If you want a traditional silhouette for your cold winter wedding, a sheath dress is a fantastic option. This kind of dress falls often just above the knee and embraces your body. The straightforward style enables you to keep your outfit uncomplicated while accessorizing with lovely jewelry and accessories.

If you want to stay warm during the chilly winter months, a sheath dress is a great choice. On your wedding day, choose a sheath dress composed of heavier fabrics like velvet, wool, or lace to be warm while still appearing chic. A dress with long sleeves and an off-the-shoulder neckline would make a more striking statement.
To stay warm while flaunting your stunning gown, choose a fur shrug or capelet. An elegant capelet worn with a midi-length sleeveless gown is another choice for a cold winter wedding dress. This season, tea-length gowns with long sleeves are also becoming more trendy. For a rich look, choose materials like thick taffeta or satin.

Try teaming an empire-waisted maxi dress with boots, a shawl, or a jacket for a more relaxed look. Regardless of the frigid winter wedding dress you select, make sure it includes several layers so you can be warm and cozy all night long!
Empire-waist clothes

A classic and timeless design for cold winter wedding dresses, empire waist dresses are ideal for keeping you toasty on your special day. This dress style has a high waist and a flowing skirt that frequently has ruching or pleats to provide volume.

Anybody will look good in an empire waist dress, which may be complemented with a cloak, fur stole, or faux fur coat to keep you warm on your wedding day in the winter. You can wear a shawl over your shoulders or wear a dress with sleeves for an added touch of warmth and elegance.

Mermaid gown

One of the most popular cold winter wedding dresses is the mermaid gown. Your body’s natural curves are highlighted by this figure-hugging design, which also gives you a thin, feminine profile. It’s a classic design that flatters all body types. Choose a mermaid dress made of thicker materials like tulle or chiffon for a chilly winter wedding.

You can stay warm while looking stunning in these textiles. Avoid using light fabrics like silk or lace because they won’t keep you warm enough for a chilly winter wedding. Keep warm during your outdoor wedding by adding a fur stole or cape as an accessory to your mermaid dress.

Trumpet attire

A trumpet dress can offer you a timeless appearance on your special day. It is a traditional chilly winter wedding dress style. An hourglass form is created by the fitting bodice and outward flare of this style. For ladies who wish to draw attention to their curves and add a dramatic element to their wedding look, trumpet dresses are ideal.

In order to ward off the chill, it works best when worn with a fur stole or shrug. A frigid winter wedding is a great fit for the trumpet dress! Why not get a long-sleeved version if you’re seeking something especially special? This enhances the warmth and has a sophisticated appearance.

Additionally, if it’s cold outside, it keeps your arms covered. Try donning a frigid winter wedding gown in the form of a ball gown for something altogether different.

The most ideal winter bridal style is provided by these gowns, which have broad skirts and long sleeves. This look will turn heads at your ceremony when paired with some striking jewelry! A cold winter wedding dress with illusion lace is a stunning alternative.

Illusion lace has a soft, dreamy feel that is ideal for chilly winter weddings. You can guarantee that you’ll stay toasty all through the night if you wear it with a faux-fur shawl or wrap. Why not choose a jumpsuit if you want a less traditional cold winter wedding dress?


An excellent choice for chilly winter weddings is a jumpsuit. They give warmth and comfort in addition to a contemporary and fashionable appearance. Compared to dresses, jumpsuits offer greater coverage and are simple to dress up or down depending on the situation. For a chilly winter wedding, look for jumpsuits made of materials like velvet or wool to keep you warm and comfortable.

Jumpsuits are available with long legs, bold sleeves, and even decorations for a special touch. Consider wearing a faux fur stole or cape as additional warm clothing while accessorizing a jumpsuit for your chilly winter wedding.


For ladies who want to add a sense of drama to their wedding day look, a cape is a chic and useful chilly winter wedding dress option. They can keep you warm throughout the winter months because they are frequently fashioned from heavier materials like velvet or wool.

You may choose a cape that best fits your body type and personal taste because they come in a wide range of lengths, from full to cropped. For a complete winter bridal style, consider wearing your cape with long gloves and a complementary clutch purse.

Fur stole

Any chilly winter wedding dresses benefit from the glamorous touch that a fur stole brings to the ensemble. Whether you go for fox, mink, chinchilla, rabbit, or faux fur, a fur stole is an ideal way to stay toasty on your special day without compromising your elegance. Fur stoles are wonderful since they come in a variety of hues and textures, allowing you to coordinate them with the rest of your bridal attire.

Wear the stole over your arms for a more contemporary style or around your shoulders for a more traditional appearance. To create a one-of-a-kind bridal style, think about combining various types of fur for a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

faux fur jacket

Look no further than a fake fur coat if you’re seeking cold winter wedding dresses that will keep you warm while yet looking fashionable.

A distinctive and stylish approach to staying warm on your special day is with faux fur coats. They are not only a fantastic option for brides who wish to stand out but also wonderfully snug and comfy.

These opulent jackets come in a variety of designs and hues, including mink, chinchilla, and synthetic fur, to go with any chilly winter wedding gown.

Choose a dress that hugs your body closely and provides extra protection for your neck and shoulders. You can be sure to stay warm and look gorgeous on your special day with the proper faux fur coat.


Using a shawl during a chilly winter wedding is a terrific way to stay warm. Shawls are available in many different fabrics, including wool, cashmere, and silk, and are frequently adorned with exquisite beading or embroidery.

Adding a shawl, whether it be in the form of a wrap or a pashmina, is a lovely way to spruce up your cold-weather wedding gowns.

Pick a shawl with an elaborate pattern to catch your attention and add drama to your outfit. A thin, neutral-colored shawl is another excellent option to keep warm on your special day while achieving a gentler appearance.


Cold winter wedding gowns don’t necessarily have to be big and hefty. Your bridal outfit can benefit from the lovely and delicate addition of sleeves. Your chilly winter wedding dresses will seem chicer and more enduring if you choose sleeves, whether they are full length, 3/4 length, or even shorter with lace accents.

Long sleeves will keep your arms covered and warm during the ceremony and reception if you’re concerned about staying warm on your special day.

When it comes to cold winter wedding dress sleeves, there is a tonne of alternatives available, so you may choose the design that best complements your body type and wedding style.


Tights are a fantastic way to add comfort and flair to your chilly winter wedding dress! You can simply choose the ideal pair for your appearance because they are available in a range of designs and hues. In chilly weather, tights are especially useful if you’re wearing a shorter dress.

To keep your legs toasty, pick opaque, patterned, translucent, or even textured tights. What’s best? It’s simple to stay warm while yet appearing fashionable with tights! So, on your big day, don’t be scared to wear a little dress as long as you layer up with some warm tights.


The appropriate kind of boots might be a crucial component of your wedding attire if you’re having a chilly winter wedding. Boots are a terrific way to protect your feet from the weather while also adding a little extra warmth and elegance to your outfit.

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, think about waterproof choices and select a pair of boots that matches the design of your chilly winter wedding gown.

For a winter wedding, a pair of knee-high or over-the-knee boots can be both useful and stylish, and they’ll put the perfect final touch on your chilly wedding gowns. Think about putting on a pair of flat or low-heeled boots so you can remain comfy all day.


When attending a chilly winter wedding, layering is an excellent method to remain warm. Tights, boots, fur stoles, faux fur coats, shawls, and long-sleeved skirts are all excellent pieces to layer. Pick lightweight textiles that won’t add bulk to maintain your look sleek.

For instance, to be warm while still showcasing the lovely features of your chilly winter wedding dresses, you may put a translucent wrap over a long-sleeved dress. Fur muffs or gloves for further warmth can be added to your outfit as accessories to complete it.

You can make sure that your cold winter wedding dresses will keep you cozy and comfy on your special day by layering them properly.